Teddy In a Bag Prices

Teddy In A Bag Prices From October 2018 to February 2019.
(All bags include a Teddy) Prices quoted in bold here are for sales at markets and fairs unless stated otherwise. Online prices from Teddy in a Bag direct (via PayPal), or from Etsy and Ebay will be subject to an extra charge for shipping and processing – please see individual items.

Many pictures link to posts on here where you can find out more about the items.

Small Bags with Tiny Teddy £5.00 each

Small crochet gift sacks with tiny teddy £2.50 each at markets and fairs. A small number are also available online in our Etsy Shop  (online cost is £5.50 each to include postage, packing,processing and charges made by online market organisation).

Small Bags with Small Teddy in large front pocket £5.00 each
Small number of these small bags also available in our Etsy Shop for £7.50 each (price includes P&P, processing and online market charges):

Teeny Tiny Baskets with Tiny Teddy £2.00 each – at fairs and markets.
And now Teeny Tiny Baskets with Bunnies Inside! £2.00 each

Small crochet hanging cradles containing small teddy in a scarf£3.50 each at markets and fairs. A small number of hanging cradles are also available in our Etsy shop and on Ebay, for £6.00 each, this includes the cost of postage, packing and processing. See This Post for more information.

Small Crochet Baskets With 5 inch Teddy inside wearing a matching scarf:
£4.00 each at markets and fairs (online price will be higher, to include postage, packing and processing costs)

Small Cross Body/Shoulder Bags with Tiny Teddy £5.00 each

‘Tassle’ Shoulder Bags with Tiny Teddy £6.00 each

Children’s Backpacks with small teddy £8.00 each

Crochet Cradle Purse with Small Teddy inside wrapped in a blanket.
£7.00 each at Markets and Fairs. Online price = £7.00 plus postage and processing fees.

Small Teddy swaddled in a blanket inside a pretty moses basket.
Limited number available. £7.00 each at fairs and markets.

One also available at £11.00 each here in our Etsy Shop (where price includes, postage, packing, processing costs and online market charges).

Crochet Moses Basket suitable for a toddler, with soft Teddy inside, wrapped in a blanket. £12.00 each at fairs and markets. Online price = £12.00 plus postage, packing and processing costs.

Teddies in Sleeping Bags/Papooses. £8.00 each at markets and fairs.
£11.00 each in our Etsy Shop (this prices includes postage, packing, processing and online market fees).

Satchel Bags with tiny teddy £7.00 each

Tote/Handbags medium size with tiny teddy £8.00 each

Cotton Shoulder Bags medium size (reversible lining) with tiny teddy £6.50 each

Small Cotton Bags (reversible) with Small Teddy inside wrapped in a Crochet Blanket
£6.00 each

Children’s Cotton Totes with Tiny Teddy in front pocket.
£6.50 each at markets and £9.00 (includes postage, packing and processing) in our Etsy Shop

Children’s Cotton Shoppers with Tiny Teddy in front pocket.
£6.50 at markets and fayres and £9.50 (includes postage, packing and processing charges) in the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Shop.

Teddy in a Gift Basket. £12.00 each at markets and fairs only.

Tiny Micro Teddy in a gift bag£1.00 each at Fairs and Markets only.





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