Two Medium Sized Childrens Totes In Gorgeous Colours!

Pretty tote bags in turquoise and purple, each with a tiny teddy in the front pocket.

Crochet Tote Bags in Purple and turquoise with teddy bears

I make many Teddy Bags of all shapes and sizes, but I have always felt particularly proud with these pretty, medium-sized, children’s tote bags.

Crocheted and lined with care, these are quality handmade bags, which should last for a long time and give a child pleasure as they grow.

So, I am sharing two popular colours in these lovely bags, for purchase direct online:

Purple and Lilac Tote Bag With Tiny White Teddy in the front pocket.


Purple is a very popular colour with children and adults, and children love that they can have this colour in their own special bag!

I chose purple and lilac yarn to make this pretty tote bag and matched it with silky lilac lining and a lilac granny square pocket framed with purple.


Of course the first thing that children notice with this pretty bag is the tiny white teddy bear in the front pocket!
But that’s okay, it is very sweet 🙂.


Purple and Lilac Tote Bag Measurements:

  • Length – handle opening to base: 7 inches.
  • Length – including handle rise: 8 inches.
  • Width (Laid Flat) (widest part): 10 inches.

Teddy Bear:

  • Length – top of head to bottom of feet: 8 cms (3.25 inches).
  • Jointed (moveable) arms and legs.
  • Colour: Plush White.

Turquoise and Cream Tote Bag with Tiny Brown Teddy in front pocket.


I love the colour turquoise, and this is a lovely deep version. Matched with cream, it makes a very pretty tote bag.


I matched the cream with a silky lining of the same colour and a granny square front pocket framed with turquoise.
And I admit I’m very pleased with this design 🙂


But not to forget the tiny teddy in the pocket!
This is a sweet little brown plush teddy who looks very comfortable inside or outside of the bag! 🧸

Turquoise and Cream Tote Bag Measurements:

  • Length – handle opening to base: 7.5 inches.
  • Length – including handle rise: 8.5 inches.
  • Width (Laid Flat) (widest part): 9.5 inches.

Teddy Bear:

  • Length – top of head to bottom of feet: 8 cms (3.25 inches).
  • Jointed (moveable) arms and legs.
  • Colour: Plush brown.

Both tote bags are medium size for a child and suitable for any child over 36 months old.
Owing to small parts, it is not adviseable to leave an under 3 year old to play alone with the tiny teddy bears.

These totes with teddy bears are loved by children from 4 years to 10 years or older, so make great gifts for Christmas.

Both of these crochet tote bags are available to purchase direct from Teddy in a Bag via PayPal.
This is a very secure way to purchase. PayPal will send me the address you have chosen through them to send the item to, so your private details will not be disclosed.

Here are the PayPal links:

Turquoise and Cream Tote Bag With Tiny Brown Teddy

Turquoise and Cream Tote Bag and Teddy Bear

Turquoise and Cream Crochet Tote Bag, Lined, with 8cm Brown Teddy in the front pocket. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day of purchase, via Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


Purple and Lilac Tote Bag With Tiny White Teddy

Purple and Lilac Tote Bag and Teddy Bear

Purple and Lilac Crochet Tote Bag, Lined, With 8cm White Teddy in the front pocket. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day of purchase, via Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


These medium sized crochet tote bags are great quality homemade items and I’m sure you know a small someone who would really appreciate one (or both!) of them! 🧸🧸

Purple Tones Satchel Bag With Tiny Teddy

Very Attractive Satchel/Tote Bag With Tiny Teddy Bear in Front Pocket.

Purple Tones Crochet Satchel Bag With Tiny Teddy in Pocket

This is a satchel-style handbag for the child (or adult) who wants something unique.


Crocheted in shades of purple, lilac and white, mix yarn, this small bag has an attractive ‘granny square’ design, with toggle fastening and a crochet ‘gusset’ all around, which gives more room inside.


Bag is lined with lilac silky fabric. And of course there is a sweet, 8cm white jointed teddy bear in the pretty front pocket.

There is only one of these pretty satchel tote bags left in this colour now, so I am sharing it here.

Here are the measurements for the bag and teddy bear:

Bag Measures:

  • Length: 20.5 cms (8 inches) (not counting handle).
  • Width (laid flat – so multiply by 2 for all-round measurement): 20.5 cms (8 inches).
  • Handle length: This is a Hand Bag: 25.5 cms (10 inches).

Teddy Bear:

  • Teddy bear is jointed with moveable arms and legs.
  • Height – from top of head to bottom of feet : 8 cms (3.5 iknches).
  • Colour: White.


This little handbag/satchel bag is available to purchase here on Teddy in a Bag.
Payment is made via PayPal, so it is secure – PayPal will tell me of the purchase, plus the posting address you have chosen – all your private details are kept secure.

Purple Tones Satchel Bag with Tiny Teddy in Front Pocket

Purple Tones Satchel Bag and Teddy

Attractive handmade satchel handbag crocheted in purple tones, with tiny white teddy in front pocket. Price includes postage and packing. Postage within one business day of purchase. Sent via Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


This attractive satchel bag will make someone very happy this Christmas! 🧸

More Than Teddies This September!

I’ve been busy over the summer at Teddy in a Bag with summer markets and school fayres.
But now September is here, it is time to re-stock and to think about Christmas gifts (yes I know it’s a bit early but…  🙂 ).

There will be new Teddy Bags added here over the next couple of months, but in the meantime I’m stocking our Etsy Store (Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Store) with all sorts of different items as well as Teddy Bags (and patterns for teddy/toy bags too).

Some of the Teddy Bags In Our Etsy Store
Some of the Teddy Bags In Our Etsy Store

There are already quite a few Teddy bags in the store, including the popular little teddies in hanging cradle swings, teddies in gift sacks, teddies in crochet and cotton shoulder bags, teddies in moses baskets, and more.
And that is just a few of them.

But I’ve also been working hard making Christmas gifts for adults too.

I’ve added some of our store items in the side panel and I thought I would show you a few of them in this post.

There are quite a few shoulder bags. All individual designs and colours and all fully lined.
Plus cotton string market bags to carry in your pocket and use instead of plastic shopping bags.

Bags for sale in our Etsy store
Shoulder Bags and Market Bags in our Etsy Store

There is a small range of baby blankets and cot blankets in pretty colours and designs, and also a lovely ‘bright sunshine’ snuggle blanket which children love.

Cot blankets and Snuggles
Cot Blankets and Snuggles In Our Etsy Store

As fun home decor for children and adults, we have some pretty wall hangings; some with dear little chubby owls and others with hearts or stars.

Owls and Stars wall hangings
Some of the Owls and Stars Wall Hangings in our Etsy Store

Then there is a great range of coaster sets and table sets (doilies with matching coasters).
These have so many different uses – from holding a warm coffee mug, or making an elegant party drinks setting, to making dressing table sets or just to have around the home as pretty decor.

Crochet Coasters and Table Sets
Some of the coaster sets and doilies and coaster tables sets in our Etsy Store

I have also been busy making crochet patterns, mainly to put teddies in at the moment, but no doubt I’ll be making some new patterns soon.

Crochet Patterns
Crochet patterns for a Moses Basket and a Child’s Backpack in our Etsy Store

If you would like to have a look at the items shown above and other handmade items we have for sale in our Etsy Store, it would be great if you dropped in to check it out.

You can visit us here:  Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Store.

So, as you can see, I’ve been busy.
And there’s more to come as we (like it or not… 🙂 ) move towards Christmas.

But there will also be more teddy bags on these pages very soon.

So please don’t forget to check back and I’ll see you soon 🙂

Childs Teddy Print Cotton Shopper With Teddy

Everyone loves teddies and what could be better than a shopping bag in teddy print with a teddy in the front pocket!


This pretty cotton shopper is ideal for a child to carry lots of toys inside, or if they go to school, it will carry their boooks, or be a roomy lunch bag.

The bag is sewn with double-cotton fabric. On the outside is a cute teddy print and on the inside is a pretty daisy print to match. The daisy print is carried forward into the trimming, handles and long pocket both sides (which is roomy enough for several pencils or coloured pens or more!).


And of course a really nice bonus is the small teddy sitting in the front pocket.
You can see the teddy outside the bag as well. It is a little plush teddy with jointed arms and legs so that it can sit as well as stand.

Bag measures approximately 8.75 inches (22.5 cms) in height (not counting handles) and is 10.75 inches (27.5 cms) wide.
The two handles measure 8 inches (20 cms) [3.5 inches actual carrying depth] each one.

The tiny teddy is 3 inches (7.5 cms) tall.


Although the teddy has a CE mark, I would not recommend leaving the teddy in the bag when giving to children under 3 years old to play with unsupervised, owing to small parts.

This roomy bag is for teddy lovers and it is an ideal present for both girls and boys.

Price of each bag with teddy is £8.00 each at Fairs and Markets and is £11.50 (which includes careful packaging, postage and processing) on the Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Shop.

I hope you love our teddy shopping bags as much as we do!

Elephant Print Cotton Tote Bag With Teddy In Pocket

Here is another of the cotton tote bags which are very popular at our markets.


This one is in a lovely elephant print (with very cute elephants 🙂 ) and the trim and reversible lining is a beautiful, bright star print.

Of course, each elephant print tote has a tiny teddy in the pocket.
And as all the tiny teddies are jointed, each can sit quite happily outside the bag too 🙂


Cotton tote bags measure approximately 9 inches in length (not counting the shoulder strap) by 7.5 inches wide, and the tiny teddy is approximately 3 inches high when standing.

As the tiny teddy is quite small, although the teddy has a cE mark, for safety I recommend that the teddy is not given to under threes to play with unsupervised.


These little bags are priced at £6.50 at Christmas markets or at £9.00 (includes postage, packing and processing costs) when available in our Etsy shop.

Children love them and the bags are so useful too!