Lilac Bags With Tiny Teddy and Meet the Quads!

Lilac Small Bag With Tiny Teddy

When I make a new bag for Teddy in a Bag I always make more than one. This is because people may like to buy for sisters, cousins or friends who like the same things.
So, when I decided to make a lilac and cream version of the small bag with tiny teddy and bow, as I had 4 tiny teddies just waiting for a home, I made them one each!
So here they are – the quads 🙂

4 Small Lilac Bags All With A Tiny Teddy In The Pocket


Small bags with tiny teddies in the pocket come in a range of colours.
I have already posted  the Cream and Pink Small Tassle Bag and the previous post showed you the Pink and Cream Small Bag.

The small lilac bag with tiny teddy is just one of the new colours to be added to this range over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to watch out for more 🙂

Small Lilac Bag with Tiny Teddy Outside The Pocket

Small Bags with Tiny Teddy are priced at £5.00 each (and of course all have a tiny teddy in the pocket).

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