See Teddy in a Bag at Castle Road This Weekend

See us at Castle Road Christmas Festival This Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd of December:
The Castle Road Christmas Festival makes a great weekend out.
Not only are there loads of interesting stalls where you can buy great Christmas gifts, but there is also a great range of music too.
Have a look at the poster to see who is performing each day.
And don’t forget to pop in and See Teddy in a Bag at the Little Gifts of Southsea stall.  we are there on Saturday and Sunday all day. You’ll really like the gifts that you see there!

See Us This Saturday in Baffins


Come and see us at the Love Baffins Christmas Market tomorrow (Saturday 25th November).
There will be lots of stalls, local bands and performers, food, face painting, and Santa’s Grotto!
Love Baffins Christmas Market is at Tangiers Road, Portsmouth, from 11am to 3pm.
We will be in the City Life Church (85 Tangier Road), along with stalls, performers, music, Santa, and much more.
Hope to see you there!

Beginning the Christmas Season

I have been very busy lately, making new bags for Christmas Fayres, so updates have been quiet. You can actually see some of the bags I have made recently on the Teddy in a Bag Instagram feed, posted in the sidebar here as well.


But to keep you updated, here is a picture of the Teddy in a Bag display at the Salvation Army Christmas Fayre, this last Saturday. As you can see, there are plenty of bags, all different sizes, some crochet and some cotton and many in Christmas colours (and all with teddies in of course). The elephant print bags are particularly popular (elephants and teddies, what more could you want! 😉 ) and I have found a nice range of cotton fabric to make very pretty bags for Christmas gifts.

The next Christmas Fayre that Teddy in a Bag has a stall at is this coming Saturday (25th November), at the Love Baffins Fayre, in Tangiers Road, Portsmouth, so I’d better get back to making more bags right now!

Crochet Shoulder Bag With Tassles And Tiny Teddy

Crochet ‘Tassle’ Bag With Tiny Teddy in front pocket

The ‘tassle’ bag is a new design I am making. The first few are in pink-multi like the pretty bag above, but there will be a number of different colour combinations to follow.
All these bags have a full lining.
And of course every bag has a front pocket with a tiny teddy inside.
Or outside…. 🙂

Crochet ‘Tassle Bag’ in pink multi with Tiny Teddy outside

Tassle bags are a size up from our smallest bags, so there is room inside for quite a few small items.
Tassle bags are for sale at £6.00 each and they would make a lovely gift for anyone over three who loves pretty bags.

Dark Pink Sparkle Bag with Tiny Teddy

Dark Pink Sparkle And Cream Small Bag with Tiny Teddy in pocket

Here is another of our small crochet bags with a tiny teddy in the front pocket. This one is in dark pink ‘sparkle’, with a nice cream trim and cream bow/drawstring, and it looks very ‘festive’ and ready for Christmas!

These bags may be small, but they have room for many of those ‘little essentials’ (and there’s still room for the tiny teddy in the front pocket, unless he wants to come out of course).

Dark Pink Sparkle and Cream Bag with Tiny Teddy outside

As this design has a tiny teddy, it is for children (or adults) over three years old and I am sure there are many who would love one!
In fact, here are four Dark Pink Sparkle Bags all with a Tiny Teddy in the pocket, so that no one gets left out (and of course making another set of quads just like our Lilac Bags With Tiny Teddy 🙂 )

Four Dark Pink Sparkle Small bags each with a Tiny Teddy in the front pocket

Like our other Small Crochet bags, these (including the tiny teddy in the front pocket) are for sale at £5.00 each.
Just right for a lovely present for that special little someone…or two.. 🙂

Lilac Bags With Tiny Teddy and Meet the Quads!

Lilac Small Bag With Tiny Teddy

When I make a new bag for Teddy in a Bag I always make more than one. This is because people may like to buy for sisters, cousins or friends who like the same things.
So, when I decided to make a lilac and cream version of the small bag with tiny teddy and bow, as I had 4 tiny teddies just waiting for a home, I made them one each!
So here they are – the quads 🙂

4 Small Lilac Bags All With A Tiny Teddy In The Pocket


Small bags with tiny teddies in the pocket come in a range of colours.
I have already posted  the Cream and Pink Small Tassle Bag and the previous post showed you the Pink and Cream Small Bag.

The small lilac bag with tiny teddy is just one of the new colours to be added to this range over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to watch out for more 🙂

Small Lilac Bag with Tiny Teddy Outside The Pocket

Small Bags with Tiny Teddy are priced at £5.00 each (and of course all have a tiny teddy in the pocket).

Pink and Cream Small Bag With Tiny Teddy

Pink and Cream Small Bag with Tiny Teddy in Pocket

I love making small bags, especially when I can add little details like pretty pockets and bows, so I hope you like this pink and cream version of the Small Bag with Tiny Teddy.
This little bag has a plaited shoulder strap with tassles and the tiny teddy fits snuggly in the front pocket or can be taken out if you wish.

Pink and Cream Small Bag With Tiny Teddy Outside

As with all the bags with a Tiny Teddy, this small bag is for children over three years old.
And I’m sure you know someone who will love this pretty bag.

Small bags with Tiny Teddy are priced at £5.00 each.