Small Cotton Bag In Patchwork Design With Small Teddy

Small Cotton Bag In Patchwork Design with Small Teddy

I really enjoy making these new Small Cotton Bags, so, among my other posts over the next few days, you may well see pictures of more of these bags for children of all ages.

This particular bag is again in crisp cotton, and is very much a patchwork design, using 4 different bright designs which complement each other.
And, as all of these small cotton bags are reversible, there should be something to please everyone.

Small Cotton Bag Showing Teddy Wrapped in Crochet Blanket

The small teddy is wrapped in a colourful soft crochet blanket and of course can be taken out of the bag to give extra room to all those essential items 🙂

Small Teddy sitting on his Crochet Blanket

Like all the small cotton bags with small teddy and blanket, this bag retails at £6.00
I hope you like it as much as I liked making it 🙂