Teddy in a Bag Online Sales

Welcome to Teddy In A Bag Online Sales Pages

On the pages linked here, you can find Shoulder Bags, Tote Bags, Handbags, Baskets, Cradles, Swings and Gift Bags, all with a teddy bear inside (or in some cases a tiny bunny 🙂 ).

Each sales page links to posts where you can find out more about each item for sale,
As well as a PayPal payment box for each item for sale, where you can buy the item direct from Teddy in a Bag.

Click the links below to find the sales page of your choice:

Childrens Crochet Shoulder Bags

Childrens Cotton Bags

Childrens Crochet Tote Bags and Small Baskets

Teddies in Cradle Swings

Teddies in Crochet Sleeping Bags and Cradles

Stocking fillers


Gift Sacks and Teeny Tiny Baskets

Tree Presents and Tiny Stocking Fillers

(Including: Micro Teddies in Gift Bags and Teddy Brooches)

When you click the PayPal sales link, you can choose to purchase via PayPal or one of the other payment methods listed.

Important Notice:

Payments for items purchased at Teddy in a Bag are covered by PayPal’s safety guarantees.
But do make sure that when you arrive at the page where you confirm your payment, you check your address which is listed there.
This is to ensure that the address listed is where you want me to send your purchased items.
PayPal will inform me of the address to send your purchased items. It will not give me any other details about you, so your online privacy is protected.