Dark Pink Sparkle Bag and Introducing Small Teddy

This is another of our small bags which have a small teddy in the larger front pocket.
This one is in dark pink sparkle with cream edging (sorry that the sparkle thread doesn’t show up in the pictures – it is quite subtle however).
The bag’s strap is long enough for a child to use the bag as a shoulder bag if they prefer, but for safety it is not too long.

About the teddies we use:
The first picture shows the small teddy out of the bag just for a change 🙂

Small teddies are 5 inches in height.
Tiny teddies average 3 inches in height (which is why tiny teddies are a little too tiny for under 3’s to play with)
Both types of teddy have the CE mark.
They also have moveable limbs.
And here is the small teddy in the front pocket of the bag.

There is room in the pocket for the teddy to nestle right down in, rather than peek out if you prefer.

The dark pink sparkle bag with small teddy is £5.00 to purchase.