Sneak Peak at Teddy in a Bag Market Displays

Just one example of the lovely items you can see at the Teddy in a Bag tables at fairs and markets.

teddy in a bag table display
Teddy in a Bag Table Display

If you have yet to have the pleasure of meeting Teddy in a Bag at a table top sale or craft fair, here are a couple of pictures taken at the table top sale I attended this Saturday.

(Background of the pictures has been amended by the way – it was a very busy sale and it would not have been fair to include customers in the pictures when they hadn’t given their permission).

Not all the items we sell can be seen in the displays shown here, but I always aim to have the following on display:

  • Teddies in a wide range of shoulder bags,
  • Teddies in tote bags,
  • Teddies in backpacks,
  • Teddies in handbags,
  • Teddies in moses baskets,
  • Teddies in gift baskets,
  • Teddies in sleeping bags,
  • Teddies in cradles,
  • Teddies in swings,
  • Tiny teddies and bunnies in tiny baskets,
  • Teddies in gift sacks,
  • Teddies in purses,
  • Micro teddies in gift bags…

Plus a range of handmade gifts, including:

  • Elephant snuggles,
  • Sunshine snuggles,
  • Phone bags,
  • Purses,
  • Pouches/Clutch bags
  • Pencil cases with coloured pencils inside
  • A small range of children’s decorative shoulder bags,
  • A small range of women’s decorative shoulder bags,
  • Ornate market bags…

(and other items which I will remember after typing this 🙂 )

Teddy in a Bag side display
Teddy in a Bag side display

Soon I will be posting an up to date list of Christmas Fairs and Markets we will be attending in 2019.
And now you’ve seen what our indoor displays look like (together with our outdoor displays of course), you will know how best to look out for us over the coming months 🙂

In any case, you can look out for the Teddy in a Bag distinctive Logo, which, as you can see from the picture above, is always at the top of our side display.


Extra Note:
If you live in or around the Portsmouth/Southsea area and would like to see Teddy in a Bag at your Christmas Fair, or if you are interested in seeing our stock, please contact me.

You can contact me via the contact form on this website, or direct by emailing:

And I hope to see you here very soon with more new lines and old favourites.