New Crochet Shoulder Bags This Christmas Season

I have added extra colours to our popular shoulder bag range.


The Teddy in a Bag small shoulder bags with a fluffy white teddy in the large front pocket are popular Christmas gifts each year.

I’m always looking for new colours in crochet yarn to make these little bags, while keeping the most popular colours also.

Dark Pink sparkle Small Shoulder Bag with Teddy

So this year, as well as our dark pink sparkle and cream small bags (very festive small bags which are great for Christmas in particular),

Cream and dark pink sparkle small bag and teddy bear

and the always-popular rose pink and cream bags,

Rose pink and cream small bag and teddy.

this year I have added new colours to the Teddy in a Bag range

Bright pink and white small shoulder bag and teddy

I’ve already shown you the bright pink and white and the baby blue and cream shoulder bags,

Baby blue and cream shoulder bag and teddy

but I’ve now added a light turquoise and cream selection too.

Light turquoise and cream small shoulder bag and fluffy teddy bear

These small shoulder bags are great for children of all ages over 3 years. They have a deep front pocket as well as lots of room inside.
And everyone loves the fluffy teddy bears 🧸

Light turquoise and cream small bag with fluffy teddy outside

At our fairs and markets running up to Christmas, these small bags, with a fluffy teddy bear in the front pocket, will retail at Β£5.00 each, so they make a great present which will be much appreciated and useful at the same time.

And with a lovely choice of colours, I think you will find at least one colour set to suit the small person you have in mind πŸ˜€.

Looking forward to seeing you this Christmas Season πŸŽ„πŸ§Έ

Pretty Tassel Bag In Turquoise With Tiny Teddy

Child’s Shoulder Bag lined and tasselled with tiny teddy in the pocket.


Sometimes children like crochet bags which are a little different and this pretty tassel bag fits the bill.

Crocheted in turquoise mix yarn, this little bag certainly appeals.


But I have to admit that most important to many children is the sweet little white teddy bear sitting in the front pocket (or in this instance, inside the bag πŸ˜€).


This little bag is lined, so that no treasured items should fall out.
And the crochet shoulder strap is just the right size to carry on a child’s shoulder or for an older child to carry in their hands as a handbag.

Here are more details about the bag and the teddy bear:

Bag Measurements:

  • Length (not counting tassels or shoulder strap): 15.25 cms (6 inches).
  • Width (laid and measured flat): 15.25 cms (6 inches).
  • Tassels length (approximately): 5cms (2 inches).
  • Shoulder Strap: 46 cms (18 inches).

Teddy Bear:

  • Height (from top of head to bottom of feet): 8cms (3.25 inches).
  • Jointed arms and legs.
  • Colour: White plush.

Please Note: Although this is a well-made little bear, because of small parts, it is not recommended to leave a child under 36 months alone to play with the teddy bear.

I have several small tassel bags for sale at Christmas Markets and Fairs that Teddy in a Bag is attending.

This particular little tassel bag I am sharing for sale online.

You can purchase this sweet little bag, together with the tiny teddy inside, from me via PayPal.

PayPal will use the address you choose with them to tell me where to send the item, so, as with all PayPal transactions, your personal details are safe.

The PayPal box is below:

Pretty Tassel Bag In Turquoise With Tiny Teddy in Pocket

Child’s Tassel Bag and Teddy

Child’s Shoulder Bag in turquoise mix with tassels and 8 cm white teddy in the front pocket. Lined. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day via Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


This is a very pretty little crochet bag and the tassels make it that little bit different.
I’m sure that someone will love it πŸ˜€.

Childs Cotton Bag With Sweet Teddy Inside

Cotton Bag Reversible With Small Teddy Inside Wrapped in a Blanket.


Here’s another of our children’s cotton bags make exclusively by Teddy in a Bag.

This one is made in 100 percent cotton fabrics, with a pretty flower print on the outside and inside is a turquoise cotton print with tiny white stars.


Inner lined with interfacing, this little bag should keep its shape well.

The bag is also reversible, so if you prefer, it can easily be turned into a turquoise bag with a floral lining.

And not forgetting the teddy bear: 🧸


This very sweet teddy bear is made in cream plush fabric, has jointed arms and legs and wears a pretty red bow.
And the teddy is wrapped snuggly in a pretty crochet blanket in pastel rainbow colours.


These are the bag and teddy bear measurements:

Cotton bag:

  • Height (not counting shoulder strap): 15.5 cms (6 inches).
  • Width at widest part (laid flat, so please allow more than double this for the all-around measurement): 22 cms (8.5 inches).
  • Shoulder strap: 49 cms (19.25 inches) which is usually ideal for the average 4 to 10 year old.

Teddy Bear:

  • Height: 13 cms (5 inches) from top of head to bottom of feet.
  • Jointed arms and legs.

Teddy in a Bag has several of these pretty cotton bags. They are ideal for the over-threes to carry around with their toys in alongside the teddy bear.

They also make useful little children’s bags for many different occasions.

You can see our range of cotton bags at our Christmas fairs and markets, which we will be attending in and around the Portsmouth and Southsea area.

But if you cannot get to see us at a fair, this particular little bag is for sale online, direct from Teddy in a Bag.

It is for sale via the PayPal link below.

Childs Cotton Bag With Teddy Bear Inside Wrapped in a Blanket

Child’s Small Cotton Bag and Teddy Bear

Child’s 100 percent Cotton Bag, Reversible, With Small (13 cms) Teddy Inside Wrapped in a Crochet Blanket. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day via Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


I hope you like this child’s cotton bag with the very sweet teddy inside. And I’m sure that a child you know would love it. 🧸

Emerald Green and Turquoise Shoulder Bag with Tiny Teddy

This Emerald Green Small Bag is Ideal for Children and Adults too.

Emerald Green and turquoise Small shoulder Bag with Tiny Teddy

This small crochet bag crocheted in emerald green and turquoise mix works as a shoulder bag for older children and as a cross body bag for the over 4’s to 7’s.

With a sweet little white teddy bear in the pretty front pocket, children will love it.


But it’s also suitable for an older child or adult to use as a small evening bag to carry essentials.

Crochet Bag back with granny square design in turquoise mix

Bag is handmade in crochet ‘granny square’ design with a pretty, turquoise mix body, surrounded by emerald green, with an emerald green pocket to match.

The pocket is ideal for the 8cm tiny teddy bear or for other essential small items.



And the bag body is lined with silky emerald fabric to ensure that contents are kept safe inside.

It’s a sturdy little bag which will withstand lots of different uses.



Bag Measurements:

Measurements are approximate – crochet items can give a little when used).

  • Length (not counting shoulder strap): 18 cms (7 inches).
  • Width (laid flat): 15 cms (6 inches).
  • Pocket size: 9 cms by 9 cms (3.5 inches by 3.5 inches).
  • Shoulder strap length: 66 cms (26 inches).

Teddy: 8 cms (3.5 inches) from top of head to bottom of feet. With jointed arms and legs.

Not suitable for children under 36 months (owing to small teddy bear).

Recommended for 6 years and upwards due to length of strap.

This little emerald green and turquoise crochet bag is available at fairs and markets, but this one is also ready for purchase from me online.

See the PayPal box below for a safe and secure purchase:

Emerald Green and Turquoise Small Shoulder Bag with Tiny Teddy in Front Pocket.

Emerald and Turquoise Small Bag and Teddy

Emerald Green and Turquoise Crochet Shoulder Bag. Lined, with little white Teddy Bear in front pocket. Price includes postage and packing. Will be posted within one business day by Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


This dear little bag will make a lovely present for someone for Christmas. πŸ˜€

Baby Blue and Cream Small Bag with Fluffy Teddy Bear

Child’s Sweet Crochet Bag with a fluffy teddy in the front pocket.


I have already posted about the new shades of pink small bags at Teddy in a Bag.
But I must not forget the teddy bags in shades of blue!

This sweet, small crochet bag is in baby blue and cream with an attractive front pocket which contains a small, white fluffy teddy bear.


As you can see, the pocket is a very good size. It is big enough to hold this 12 cm chubby teddy bear with ease, and that leaves room inside the bag itself to carry all those essential extras 🧸

Small teddy bags in shades of blue will be available at upcoming markets and fairs, but I thought I would share this small bag for purchase online for anyone who cannot get to a market this Christmas season.


You will be able to purchase this little bag and its fluffy teddy bear at the PayPal link below.

Payment online does include an amount for postage and packing, but I keep these prices as reasonable as possible.
And PayPal is a very safe and secure way to purchase online.

But first, you want to know more about this small bag and whether the size will be suitable for a little someone you may have in mind…

Bag and Teddy Measurements:

The Crochet Bag Measures:

  • Length – 6.25 inches (16 cms) (not counting shoulder strap).
  • Width – 6 inches (15 cms).
  • Large front pocket – 5 inches (12.5 cms) on each side allows plenty of room for the teddy bear!
  • Shoulder strap – 18 inches (45.5 cms) (which is a good size for a shoulder strap for a child).

Fluffy Teddy Bear:

  • Teddy bear measures 4.75 inches (12cms) from top of head to feet.
  • It is a chubby little bear with a fluffy, white plush covering, black button eyes, embroidered nose and mouth and moveable arms and legs.


This is an incredibly cute bear and small bag! 🧸

Small Bag in Baby Blue and Cream with Fluffy Teddy Bear

Baby Blue and Cream Bag with Fluffy Teddy

Small shoulder bag, crocheted in baby blue and cream with a fluffy teddy in the large front pocket. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one working day with Royal Mail 2nd class small parcel post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to deliver your purchase to.


I hope you like this small blue and cream bag and fluffy teddy as much as I do πŸ˜€