Teddy in a Bag Christmas Fairs List for 2019

Teddy in a Bag now has a list of Christmas Fairs we are doing this November and December.


To see the full list, click on the following link: Teddy in a Bag at Christmas Fairs, or you can click on the link at the top of the right hand sidebar.

I’ve kept the list on the linked page simple, with mainly words and few images, so that it is print friendly.
So, if you want to keep the list to check on dates, you can either copy and paste it into Word or similar, or paste the url of our Christmas Fairs page into Print Friendly and download a pdf.

All the bags, beds and baskets shown here on Teddy in a Bag will be for sale at our markets and fairs, plus a few extras, including purses and bags for adults and other children’s gifts too.

The dates given on the Teddy in a Bag Christmas Fairs list are now confirmed, but there may be more to come later.

Just to give you a quick run down of fairs you will find there:

Our first Christmas Fair takes place this coming Saturday, 23rd November.
It’s the Salvation Army Christmas Fair which we do each year.
It’s a great beginning to the Christmas season. It’s a lovely, friendly fair, held in a very good cause, and I always look forward to this one.


Then there are two fairs the following week – Portsmouth Grammar Junior School Christmas Fair on Friday 29th November and Love Baffins Christmas Market on Saturday 30th November.

These are both big fairs where there will be lots of stalls and loads of ideas for Christmas presents (and hopefully you will come and see Teddy in a Bag there too 😀 ).

We attend two fairs again the following week:
St Judes School Christmas Fayre on Friday 6th December and St Swithun’s School Christmas Fair on Saturday 7th December.
These are school fairs which are open to friends, family and anyone who wants to share Christmas with the school children and their teachers and parents and enjoy a carol or two as well.
Great fun!

Then Teddy in a bag will be very busy the following weekend.
For three daysFriday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of December, you will find Teddy in a bag at our own stall at Tesco, Fratton Park (The Pompey Centre), Portsmouth.
We will be in the foyer each day from 10am to 4pm alongside other craft and art stalls with lots to interest you for Christmas.

This is part of Tesco Fratton Park’s community engagement events and all Tesco profits from the craft market will be donated to local charities.

Just to add that Little Gifts of Southsea will also be at all of these events, often at an adjoining stall.
Little Gifts of Southsea sells Jewellery, Christmas Decorations, Keyrings, Handmade ornaments and much more, plus holds a lucky dip at School Fairs, so is well worth a visit too 😀 (you can also check out some of their stock on this page here: Sister Site Little Gifts of Southsea).

So that’s the confirmed list so far.
I really hope to see you at one or more of these events.
And please feel free to ask questions or just stop by for a chat.
It will be very much appreciated.

Also I must mention. Fair and market prices of Teddy in a Bag items are very reasonable. I often bring new extra items on the day, but if you want to check out the prices I charge at fairs for regular stock, then do see the Teddy in a Bag Prices page.

Anyway, I will post each fair again a day or two before it occurs.
But don’t forget that you can find the full list and times on this page:
Teddy in a Bag at Christmas Fairs.

See Our New Sales Pages

Help finding your favourite Teddy in a Bag items.


It’s been a bit of a job, but I’ve finally got our Online Sales Pages sorted out 🙂.

This means that, even though I post about individual bags, baskets, cradles and gift bags, and these posts mount up…you can now access them from a particular page.

Because there are so many different teddy bags, in all shapes and sizes, I have divided the sales pages according to category.

So, there is a Main Online Sales Page which lists sub pages for each of these categories as listed below:

baby-pink-and-cream-200-1Childrens Crochet Shoulder Bags






elephant-print-200-2Childrens Cotton Bags






blue-basket-3-200Childrens Crochet Tote Bags and Small Baskets





dark-pink-sparkle-200-1Teddies in Cradle Swings






mixed-pinks-and-blues-200-1Teddies in Crochet Sleeping Bags and Cradles







Gift Sacks and Teeny Tiny Basketslilac-pink-brn-teddy-200-1






micro-patchwork-1-200-aTree Presents and Tiny Stocking Fillers





And, as this post disappears as others appear, you can still find these pages via the Teddy in a Bag Online Sales Page, which is listed at the top of this blog, and also in the ‘Pages‘ links in the sidebar.

I must stress that the prices quoted are only for Online Sales direct from Teddy in a Bag.

My next venture will be updating the Teddy in a Bag Prices page.
Most of the prices there refer to prices charged at Markets and Fairs (which are less, because they do not need postage and packing added).

So look out for an update of our prices page next.

Also to stress: there will be no price increases at this time – just more clarity of prices and updates which link to to more recent posts made.

Teddy Bear Brooches Make Fun Gifts

Handmade Teddy Brooches For That Extra Little Present.


These cute teddy bear brooches are something a little different to give as a surprise present.

Each teddy is styled and painted to make them individual and they come in a range of pretty colours and designs.

Details about the brooches:

  • Brooches made in wood (apart from the clasp).
  • Plain wooden, elliptical shape backing is 5.5 cms wide at tips.
  • Wooden, painted teddy bear attached to the backing is approximately 3 cms high, depending upon design.
  • At the back is a classic metal brooch clasp.
Teddy Brooch Showing Front and Back With Clasp

As you can see from the pictures, these little brooches come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and they are all cute.

For Christmas, I am selling these Teddy Bear Brooches in sets of 4.



Examples of Teddy Bear Brooch Sets
  • Each set will contain an assorted mix of 4 teddy bear brooches.
  • No brooch in the set will be the same as the others.
  • Each brooch in the set comes in its own individual self-seal bag.
Teddy bear Brooches in Self Seal Little Bags

These Teddy Bear Brooch Sets are only available online and are only for purchase here at Teddy in a Bag.

The PayPal payment box and link to purchase a set of 4 assorted teddy bear brooches is below:

4 Assorted Teddy Bear Brooches

4 handmade, wooden teddy bear brooches. Each one is different. Price includes postage and packing. Will be posted within one business day via Royal Mail Large Letter Post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to post your purchase to.


I have a limited supply of these sweet little teddy bear brooches, and once they are gone, no more will be made until after Christmas at the earliest.

So, if you want to buy some little brooches to please and surprise family and friends, the time is definitely now 🧸🧸🧸🧸

Micro Teddies in Organza Bags Fantastic Stocking Fillers!

Very tiny little teddies in gift bags ready for Christmas.


If you are looking for the sweetest stocking fillers, then go no further.
These micro teddy bears will fit the bill for almost all ages!

At an average height of 4.5 cms, but still with moveable arms and legs, these little teddy bears take cuteness to a whole new level 🙂

Please Note: pictures in this post may make the teddies appear larger than they are. 4.5 cms is very tiny but can look quite huge in an up close camera shot!

Also Please Note: Owing to their small size, micro teddy bears are not recommended as a present to children under 36 months.

But back to these lovely little micro teddies:

A selection of some of these dear little micro bears

Each little teddy is an individual. They are all made with patterned fabric: gingham, floral, stripes, spots, sparkle, burberry, and more!

Patterns on the teddy bears are made up of lots of different colours too: pink, blue, black, white, beige, brown, green, grey, red, and more!

And each little teddy bear comes in a small (9cm x 7cm) organza gift bag which has a silver hearts pattern and is tied with silky white ribbon.


Ideal as a surprise gift to add to the Christmas stocking, or to hang on the Christmas tree, you really would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t appreciate one of these as a gift.

You will find these little micro teddies in gift bags at Christmas Fairs Teddy in a Bag is attending over the next 2 months.

But these little teddies are also available to purchase from Teddy in a Bag direct, via PayPal.

For online sales, they come in a pack of 4 micro teddies, each in their own organza bag.


Each pack of 4 will have teddies in a mix of different colours and patterns, because everyone will want their individual own micro teddy bear 🧸.  The pictures are just an example of the full selection.


You can purchase a pack of 4 micro teddies via the PayPal link below:

NOTE: PayPal is a very safe way to pay online and keeps your privacy safe – but please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to post your purchase to.

4 Micro Teddies in Gift Bags

Set of 4 micro (4.5 cm) teddy bears in mixed colours and patterns. Each in their own organza gift bag. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day via Royal Mail Large Letter Post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to post your purchase to.


Just think. I’m sure you know  several someones who would love a surprise gift of a lovely little micro teddy bear in a gift bag. 🧸🧸

Pink Crochet Cradle Bag with Teddy Sleeping Inside

Useful Little Bag Turns Into a Cradle For A Very Sweet Teddy Bear


I introduced a range of these little cradle bags to you this time last year and they have proved very popular at at markets and fairs.

One of the most popular of the cradle bags is in pink and cream, so I made a few more and am sharing one of these online, for anyone who cannot get to one of our Christmas Fairs.


This style is unique among all my teddy bags. It is a clever little design. The base of the bag is in the shape of a cradle, and when you turn the bag inside out, you have a real little cradle, with decorative sides and a little hood, so that the teddy (or any other soft toy of similar size), can be fitted snuggly and comfortably inside.


And when the bag is turned back the other way, the tie string handle can be tightened and carried as a handbag, or wrapped around the wrist as a wrist strap for the bag.


The cradle bag comes complete with a pretty crochet blanket to wrap around the teddy bear which comes with the bag.


And it’s all in baby pink with cream edging.

Here are more details about the cradle bag and teddy bear for those who are unable to see it ‘in person’ before purchase:

Cradle bag Measurements:

(all measurements were made while the bag was laid flat)
The bag ‘gives’ a little in height and width once the teddy (or other items) are placed inside it.

  • Height: 14 cms (5.5 inches).
  • Width at base: 15.5 cms (6.25 inches).
  • Width at top of bag (before tie pulled to close): 32 cms (12.75 inches).
  • Tie handle: Threads through bag. Approximately 28 cms are left either side to tie in a bow and hold after tie is tightened.

Teddy Bear details:

  • Height from top of head to bottom of feet: 12.5 cms (5 inches).
  • Made with plush, cream fabric.
  • Safety eyes.
  • Jointed arms and legs.
  • Wears a pretty, red silky bow.

As this particular little cradle bag and teddy is available to purchase online, here are the details and the PayPal link:

Pink and Cream Cradle Bag and Teddy

Pretty pink and cream crochet cradle bag for a child. 12.5 cms small teddy inside. Price includes postage and packing. Posted within one business day via Royal Mail 2nd Class Small Parcel Post. NOTE: please ensure that the address you have given on the PayPal form is the one you want me to post your purchase to.


I am sure that you will love this little cradle bag and the very sweet teddy inside, and know a young someone who will love it even more 🧸😊