Candy Pink Small Bag with Small Teddy

Pink is a very popular colour in our small bags, so I decided to add a new colour – candy pink.
This small bag is a bright, pretty colour in plain candy pink, with a multi print pocket almost the length of the bag so that it takes a 5 inch small teddy with room to spare.
And just to demonstrate, here are the pictures of small teddy inside and outside the bag.
Small bags can be used as shoulder bags for a child or as handbags.

They are for sale, including the small teddy, at £5.00 each.

Lilac Multi Colour Satchel Style Handbag With Tiny Teddy

Here is another of our satchel bags. This one is in lilac multi-colours which are very pretty and eye-catching.
The satchel-style handbag is fully lined, with space for a number of items.
It has toggle fastening tightly attached for safety.
In the front pocket is one of our tiny teddies sleeping peacefully 🙂
The satchel bag with tiny teddy is a medium-sized bag and ideal for children over 3 years and for anyone else who wants an eye-catching bag with a tiny teddy!
Satchel bags retail at £7.00 each.

Backpack For Children in Lilac with Small Teddy

Here is another of our children’s backpacks.
This one is in lilac with a cream trim.
Toggle for closure is sewn on very tightly for safety and the backpack is fully lined.
And of course it comes with a small teddy in the front pocket.
Pictures show the 5 inch teddy inside and outside the pocket, so that you can see the size of the backpack, which is ideal for a child.

Backpacks are for sale at £8.00 each.
And there is plenty of room inside for all those essential items 🙂

Dark Pink and Cream Tote-Handbag with Tiny Teddy

Dark Pink and Cream Tote Handbag with Tiny Teddy

Here is another of our classic tote/handbags. This one is in a lovely shade of dark pink (which is almost red but not quite).
This is a medium sized bag which will make a lovely gift for a child over three, a teenager, or an adult who wants something cute for days or evenings.
The tote is fully lined and sturdy to take a variety of contents.
And of course in the front pocket sleeps a tiny teddy 🙂

Our tote/handbags come in a range of colours and can be purchased for £8.00 each.

Cream and Pink Flower Pocket Small Bag Introducing Tiny Teddies

Cream and Pink little bag with flower picket and tiny teddy

This is another of our small cream and pink bags. This one has a flower detail pocket where the tiny teddy can sleep.
These little bags come in a range of pretty colours and all have a tiny teddy in the pocket.

Here are some pictures of our Tiny Teddies too:

Tiny Teddies – picture makes them appear larger – they are actually 3″ in height

Tiny teddies are about 3 inches in height and have moveable limbs.

They carry the CE mark for safety, but I would not recommend giving a tiny teddy to a child under three to play with, as they are tiny.
But for over threes, these little bags with a tiny teddy sleeping in the pocket make a very sweet gift to love and cherish.

Our little bags with tiny teddy are £5.00 to purchase.

Dark Pink Sparkle Bag and Introducing Small Teddy

This is another of our small bags which have a small teddy in the larger front pocket.
This one is in dark pink sparkle with cream edging (sorry that the sparkle thread doesn’t show up in the pictures – it is quite subtle however).
The bag’s strap is long enough for a child to use the bag as a shoulder bag if they prefer, but for safety it is not too long.

About the teddies we use:
The first picture shows the small teddy out of the bag just for a change 🙂

Small teddies are 5 inches in height.
Tiny teddies average 3 inches in height (which is why tiny teddies are a little too tiny for under 3’s to play with)
Both types of teddy have the CE mark.
They also have moveable limbs.
And here is the small teddy in the front pocket of the bag.

There is room in the pocket for the teddy to nestle right down in, rather than peek out if you prefer.

The dark pink sparkle bag with small teddy is £5.00 to purchase.

Tote-Handbag with Tiny Teddy

This is one of our popular Tote/Handbag style bags at Teddy in a Bag.

These are well-made, sturdy bags which are fully-lined and each have a pocket on the front containing a tiny teddy.

These are among our medium-sized bags and are ideal for children from age 3 upwards and for adults who want something different and useful.

Most of my bags are made from my own-designed patterns, but this classy little tote is made (with slight alterations to design additions) from a pattern by KerryJayneDesigns on Etsy and I can highly recommend Kerry Jayne for her unique and easy-to-follow patterns.

This bag is in turquoise and cream, but comes in a range of colours and can be purchased from the stall for £8.00.