Small Cotton Bag With Sleeping Teddy Inside

Introducing all new small cotton bags with a small teddy wrapped up and sleeping inside!

I try to make bags for children of all ages, and all of the bags I make are suitable for children over 3 years, but sometimes it is good to have a bag (and teddy) which is suitable for under threes too.
I recommend the small crochet bags with a small teddy in the large front pocket for under threes (Here are a couple of examples: Dark Pink Sparkle Bag With Small Teddy and Rose Pink Multi Bag with small Teddy)  and the backpacks (like this for example: Backpack for Children with Small Teddy ) are fine too as they have a small teddy in the pocket (rather than a tiny teddy) (just be aware of the toggle fastening on the backpacks – they are sewn on incredibly tight, but please be aware).

However, children under three like to carry around a teddy in a bag, so I think it is important to give them plenty of choices 🙂 So, over the last couple of days I have been making more bags which are suitable for all ages and here they are:


Introducing all new Small Cotton Bags with a small teddy inside wrapped in a crochet blanket.
Each bag is made in crisp cotton with no fastenings (and each bag is reversible for a whole new look too).
Inside the bag is ideal for a sleeping teddy, but there is also a good amount of room for toys and other ‘essentials’. And of course the teddy can come out too…


Each small bag is slightly different, with a mix of colours and patterns, but they are all very appealing.

The Small Cotton bags with Small Teddy in blanket included are for sale at £6.00 each.
I will be making more of these over the next few weeks as I am sure they will be very popular and make a lovely gift for a special little person 🙂