Teddy In A Baby Blue Moses Basket

Lovely Moses Basket With A Teddy Inside and Suitable For A Toddler


While I am posting about the sweet little crochet cradle bags I have made, this is a reminder for anyone who wants a teddy bag or cradle which is toddler-friendly.

Toddlers would no doubt enjoy playing with the cradle bags, but I would really recommend the cradle bags for the over-threes, owing mainly to the drawstring tie.

However, I designed the Crochet Moses Basket with Soft Teddy Inside with toddlers in mind.

This is because the crochet used is designed to be suitable for small hands to play with and the handles on the moses basket are short, but still easy to carry. Plus, the teddy is made in soft fabric with no ‘extra bits’ (apart from its own snuggle).


This moses basket in baby blue is one of several different colour moses baskets I am making for Christmas Fairs and Markets and, like the other colours, is also available on Etsy.

So, when you are thinking about a gift which will be loved by a toddler and will also be more suitable for them, these crochet moses baskets with their teddy inside will be ideal.
(And of course, older children will love them too 🙂 )


Moses Baskets with teddy inside will cost £12.00 each at Markets and Fairs. They will also cost £12.00 on Etsy (you can find them on our Elephant Sun Dog Etsy Store), but with the addition of postage and processing costs.

And with such pretty colours to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice! 🙂

Teddy in a Moses Basket In Several Pretty Colours

This is one of my latest Teddy in a Bag designs and I’m really pleased with it.


It’s a teddy in a crochet moses basket which has been made so that it can be played with by a toddler or an older child.

The basket is designed so that it has short handles for safety and the basket and matching blanket is made with stitches suitable for tiny hands.
There is a thick mattress inside. The mattress is lined with card, rather than stuck on filling, as an extra safety feature, and the teddy inside is made from soft fabric.

Sizes are approximate, because handmade items do vary slightly, but each moses basket measures approximately 10.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide and the teddy is 8 inches in length. The basket will take a soft toy or doll up to 10 inches, with a snug fit, so, if the teddy is being cuddled elsewhere, the basket can be used for other special toys as well.


As you can see from the pictures here, the basket is available in three colour schemes:
Pinky peach with a turquoise trim;
Turquoise with a pinky peach trim;

Pink with a cream trim;
and Baby blue with a cream trim.


Moses baskets in all the colours are available in our Etsy shop, and I will have some at Christmas Fairs as well.

Cost of Moses baskets with teddy included:

£12.00 at markets and fairs.
Etsy price = £12.00 plus postage and packing – online sales (to UK only)

I’m really pleased with these little moses baskets with their soft teddy inside and I hope you like them too.