Childs Lilac Patchwork Cotton Bag With Teddy

Childs Lilac Patchwork Reversible Cotton Bag With Small Teddy In a Crochet Blanket.


This dear little cotton bag is fully reversible and comes with a small teddy snuggled up inside, wrapped in its own soft crochet blanket.

The bag is made in three different cotton fabrics, with lilac flowers and lilac print making the outside of the bag, while white on lilac polka dot print is on the inside and the shoulder strap repeats the patchwork design.

As the bag is reversible, the polka dot side can be easily used as the main side of the bag, if preferred.

The bag is approximately 6 inches (15 cms) in length by 9 inches (23 cms) in width at the base. Shoulder strap is 21 inches (53 cms) long.

Teddy is jointed and made in plush fabric and is approximately 5 inches (12.5 cms) in height. It carries the CE mark.


The little snuggle blanket wrapped around the teddy is crocheted with lilac mix acrylic yarn.

This is an ideal bag for a child who wants to use it as a carry case for the teddy, or for other soft toys or dolls. The bag is surprisingly roomy too, so the teddy could have some other small toys to join him inside 🙂


This little bag is available on Ebay at the price of £9.00 with free delivery to the UK.
You can find the Ebay page here:
Childs Lilac Patchwork Cotton Bag With Small Teddy In A Crochet Blanket

I think it will make a lovely gift for a child and would make a lovely surprise present.

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