Lilac Shades Tote-Handbag with Tiny Teddy

Another of our popular medium-sized bags is our Tote/Handbag.
The bags are hard wearing and fully lined and each has a front pocket with a tiny teddy nestled inside.
This one is in lilac and purple and is nice and bright and useful for everything from carrying toys to carrying pencils, pens and other stationary, or, for an older teddy lover, more grown up items.
The tote bag with tiny teddy is suitable for all ages over three years old.
Tote/handbags with tiny teddy retail at Β£8.00 each

Rose Pink Multi Small Bag with Small Teddy

Following on from our new Candy pink bag, here is our Pale Rose Pink Small Bag with multi pink large pocket.

And just to show that the pockets on these small bags are ideal for a small teddy to nestle up and sleep in, here is one of our 5 inch small teddies hiding almost completely in the front pocket!
All small bags in this style are for sale at Β£5.00 each.
And of course, they all come with a small teddy in the pocket πŸ™‚